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The Current Direction of Our Government

My personal thoughts.

I feel we are seeing a redistribution of wealth by our Government calling it A “stimulus package.” At this point the stimulus package appears to be theory put into action without research. To make the redistribution effective it must, and does, include power grabbing.

The Government, led by the Democratic Party, is operating unchallenged by the majority mainly because the majority does not feel they are AFFECTED “directly,” or the majority is not experienced enough to be aware that they are being AFFECTED. Rather, they see themselves on the receiving end of redistribution.

Part of the problem is media coverage, and highly visible Hollywood support from actors and writers.

There are so many examples it is hard to focus on just one, but looking at this morning's Fox News Program interviewing Geraldo. He APPEARED TO BE outraged at the executives’ compensation, and supports the Government’s heavy hand dictating what is fair compensation regardless of the executive’S or the firm’s success or failure.

People like me see this as dangerous to have Government controlling private practice to the degree Government sets compensation. It is a natural progression to expect taxation on earnings as 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% up to 95% keeping income equal across the earning scale WHILE closing what the Government sees as tax loopholes LIKE charitable donations.

By putting the tax burden on the top 20% wage earners they keep the majority happy, hence keeping the majority of voters supporting the Government's power grab.

Our Hollywood group (like Geraldo), actors, writers and sports figures, who have earnings in the millions, are OK with seeing executives limited on their earnings. Not realizing they are not far behind through taxation, and closing of CORPORATE loopholes. Example: how would Geraldo feel if his earnings WERE limited to $300,000, or Oprah WAS limited to $400,000 AND Tiger Woods TO $150,000.

Capitalism is being changed to COMMUNISM, and because the majority is looking at how they are AFFECTED personally, or perceived to be AFFECTED there is no resistance from the majority. Until our COUNTRY realizes we need to have “registered” voters pass a competency test the majority rules. The ones that pay the majority of tax stays the minority.

Just some thoughts of an old man seeing the handwriting on the wall, and listening to the signals from Washington.

Paul Ryan puts it into words, words that we all need to hear. It is not about Health Care, but it about our Country's direction.

House Minority leader John Boehner's closing argument against the health care reform bill


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