The Battle for Our Country Continues

We send them to battle for rights and freedom, and they do so without question or regard to their personal safety. We know many will be killed and many will have wounds they carry for life. Some wounds are not visible to the naked eye, but the look in our warrior's eyes tells more.

They march to the sound of the guns, and follow the commands of their leaders without hesitation, and trust their fellow warriors to do the same. Some fall never to rise again, but the battles go on until the last breath of freedom's air is consumed, or the day is won.

These warriors carry the title of United States Marines.

As one of those warriors who has long since set his weapons aside, what I was then is who I am today. I am a warrior, but I'm fighting a different battle, fought a different way with different weapons. I see from my own experience how our warriors have to battle to save our Country. We were not trained for these battles of politics and do not have the weapons of our opposing forces, but we will march forward without retreat on our minds.

Here is my reconnaissance:

Our choice is clear, at this time, Donald Trump. His opposing forces are many, but not overwhemling. Our job is to offer our vote, and raise awareness of the differences of the Candidates. I feel he supports our County's values, and puts America First.

  • Lowering taxes on Corperations that are leaving our Country for more favorable taxes. They leave taking many jobs.
  • Eliminate inheritance tax. Taxes have already been paid.
  • Rebuilding our Military. No more ransoms, buzzing our warships and planes.
  • Wipe out ISIS
  • Protect our Borders.
  • Allow legal immingration
  • Stop illegal immingration
  • Create jobs by getting Companies to return to the USA
  • Fair Currency value
  • Create fair trade agreements

    It is a Battle and We must support our Country.. Vote Trump - Put America First

    Now march on!! Simper Fi

    Donald Trump AMAZING Full Immigration Speech in Phoenix, AZ 8/31/16


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